Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Loverdose Diesel.

Umm.... something smells delicious!

As you can see from the title you can probably guess what this post is about! This perfume has been raved about all over the blogger and youtube world and of course had to smell it myself to see what all that fuss is about! And oh my... it smells AMAZINGG! I must say that it has the most usual smell but yet beautiful, with a very floral scent with a hint of vanilla and dry woods.

Finally I took it upon myself and give into the £5 fragrance offer there doing at Boots. Every little helps! And I'm so glad I did. Ive been waiting long enough! I bought the 30ml bottle its so perfect to pop inside your bag and you know its there if you need to top up!

Isn't the bottle just amazing! Its suppose to represent a sexy women that receives a overdose of love and I love the way they represent that with a heart shaped bottle with a dagger going through it!

Have you smelt it what do you think?




  1. Ooo you just reminded me about my voucher x


  2. The bottle looks beautiful. This makes me want to buy it now :')


    Much love,
    Sunita xoxo

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  4. I remember smelling this a while back and loving it -this has reminded me!xx
    Samantha's Secret

  5. Anything with vanilla in has got me, cute bottle too!