Saturday, 22 September 2012

Little Haul

Hello everyone!
As you can see I have made some beauty purchases today! which was naughty of me because I'm trying to save Money but simply failing, I just cant stay away! Weird I know.
Anyway here's a sneak peak of what I brought!
Collection 2000 lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 Boots
Best concealer out there! high coverage and cheap, every girl needs this in there make up bag!
CreamPuff Lip Cream Collection 2000 £2.00 Superdrug
Always wanted to try this, I got the colour Fairy Cake which is a sort of coral colour. The smell is amazing it reminds me of ice cream!
MUA Mascara £2.00 Superdrug
I wanted to try this for my eyebrows to keep them in place, as I've heard so much about it in the blog and youtube world!
Stay Matte Rimmel Power around £4 from Boots
Just my normal everyday power! I really like it, keep my make-up in place and controls the shine!
Real Techniques Power Brush £12.99 Boots
I love Samantha Chapmans range of brushes so cheap and amazing, I have a few already! So my collection is stocking up!
Simple Light Moisturiser £2 on offer at Superdrug

I love simple products! I needed a new moisturiser so I thought I'll try this as it was on offer £2!
That's it! I hope you liked this short blog post and saw something you want to try out! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Shona xx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I'm Back!

Hello there!
Its been a while I know, life just gets in the way sometimes which can be stressful. But I'm finally back now and ready to blog again about all things beautiful!
So recently I've been into skin care lately, I'm fed up of all these spots, blemishes and dull skin. I know I'm in my teenage years but I'll buy anything to get my skin silky smooth and clear again. So I went on the hunt for a new skin care product, I was prepared to spend a little more on my skin, something I knew would help my skin improve, so of course I came across the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, and yes this is raved about in the blogging and youtube world, so I thought I'll give it ago after reading millions of blog post about it they all seemed so positive so why not?
After looking on there website I came across the starter kit, which came with a 100ml bottle and two muslin cloths for £14.25 which I thought was a pretty good deal as the bottle it's self is £12.75 alone. And I also noticed that they won over 80 beauty awards, wow! So I had to see what the fuss was about even more now and I was even more excited to see what it does for my skin. So excited to receive this I paid £4.50 for 2-4 days delivery.
And two days after it came! yay! I must say that it was packed up with so much care and effort and they even threw in some samples too! The instand Boost Skin Tonic which revitalises and brightens your skin. And the Botanical Essence No. 15 fragance, which smells lovely! I was very impressed!
 Of course straight away I went into the bathroom and cleansed my skin, the cream is quite a thick texture but glides on your skin so smoothly! After rubbing the contents off with a muslin cloth my skin felt like a baby's bottom and it smelt so nice to, so luxurious! It say to use this every morning and night, so i cant wait to keep using this and to see if my skin improves within the next month or so, hopefully i will see an improvement!
 Don't worry I will be doing another post more fully about this product in the next month or so to keep you guys updated on the improvements of my skin!
Hope you enjoyed reading and I would love to know your thoughts on this!
Lots Of Love Shona..x

Friday, 1 June 2012

TopShop Glitter Nail Polish.

Now, what can I say? Walking into Topshop and there at the make-up stand, sits something small but very glittery. It shines at me with a little voice in my head saying 'You must have that!' and yes I am talking about Topshop glittery nail polishes!

Just look at that! Beautiful isn't it?! Now, can I just say when I bought this I wasn't expecting it to be that good on the nails as it is in the bottle. But I was completely wrong!

In this picture I just used one coat because I had a colour underneath and didn't want to completely Bury the colour with glitter, that would be pointless. I must say I have used this on its own with a layer of 2 or 3 coats and it looks AMAZING!

The colour I have is 'Adrenalin' And I absolutely love it! If I'm correct I think they have two more colours sliver and blue and I think there around £6 each. The colour I have is purple with multi colored chunks of glittler. Also I like how it has big clumps of glitter and small clumps, it just gives it that something extra to the nails In my opinion anyway!

This is by far the best nail polish I own and definitely looking forward to try some more!

What do you think of Topshop nail polishes?


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Loverdose Diesel.

Umm.... something smells delicious!

As you can see from the title you can probably guess what this post is about! This perfume has been raved about all over the blogger and youtube world and of course had to smell it myself to see what all that fuss is about! And oh my... it smells AMAZINGG! I must say that it has the most usual smell but yet beautiful, with a very floral scent with a hint of vanilla and dry woods.

Finally I took it upon myself and give into the £5 fragrance offer there doing at Boots. Every little helps! And I'm so glad I did. Ive been waiting long enough! I bought the 30ml bottle its so perfect to pop inside your bag and you know its there if you need to top up!

Isn't the bottle just amazing! Its suppose to represent a sexy women that receives a overdose of love and I love the way they represent that with a heart shaped bottle with a dagger going through it!

Have you smelt it what do you think?



Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pretty In Pink.


I don't know what is quite going on in the UK at the moment but the weather is Beautiful! I thought I would do a few quick snaps for you of my outfit today. I absolutely love this water fall skirt that I bought yesterday while I was in the summery mood. Actually thinking about it I bought a bit too much!

Crop Top- New Look
Shirt- H&M
Boots- New Look
Necklace- New Look
Bracket- Primark

Whats the weather like where you live?


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Barry M Lip glosses!


My First ever post! yayyay...! ( clasps hands, punches the air).

I'm not a big fan of lip glosses or lipstick to be honest. I find that its very hard to find a lip gloss without being sticky and a lipstick without drying your lips out. But over the past couple of months I decided to try out something new and do something different with my makeup routine.

I was looking around my room and found this tucked away in my draws all alone. And what can I say I have know ideas why it was there, I should of found this ages ago!

I got this lip gloss a while ago now, I think it was actually free with the impulse deal they do, and I did my researchfor you and there still going strong now for £3 bargain! If it wasn't for the impulse deal I would of never dreamt of trying these lip glosses and I'm so glad I did!

The colour I have is actually Limited Edition. But its a really pretty light pink almost a nudey pink shade with speckles of gold. On the lips the colour is quite sheer but makes your lips so shiny with a hint of gold sparkle to them. They will also look great over lipstick for that extra shine and also the gloss stays on for a good couple of hours before topping up, which is always a good bonus! Oooh, and the smell of these lip glosses smell just like candyfloss right under your nose yummm!

( day dreaming/ smelling the lip gloss.) Moving on...

 The consistency is so creamy and smooth on the lips and most importantly totally NON-STICKY!.They are amazing and I will definitely be buying some from there colour range anytime soon, and for £4.49 in boots is well worth the money! Or I might even go into Superdrug and get some more colours for £3 and a free impulse! Cant go wrong.

Have you tried the Barry M lip glosses?


Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Here I am, sat outside in this beautiful weather having crazy moments about starting my own blog! Why not? I've been watching youtube videos and reading blogs for as long as I can remember now and finally took the plunge to start one myself.

This blog is all going to be about all things beauty and fashion. Yep! OOTD's and beauty review are on your way! So stay tuned and read away, until your hearts content!