Friday, 1 June 2012

TopShop Glitter Nail Polish.

Now, what can I say? Walking into Topshop and there at the make-up stand, sits something small but very glittery. It shines at me with a little voice in my head saying 'You must have that!' and yes I am talking about Topshop glittery nail polishes!

Just look at that! Beautiful isn't it?! Now, can I just say when I bought this I wasn't expecting it to be that good on the nails as it is in the bottle. But I was completely wrong!

In this picture I just used one coat because I had a colour underneath and didn't want to completely Bury the colour with glitter, that would be pointless. I must say I have used this on its own with a layer of 2 or 3 coats and it looks AMAZING!

The colour I have is 'Adrenalin' And I absolutely love it! If I'm correct I think they have two more colours sliver and blue and I think there around £6 each. The colour I have is purple with multi colored chunks of glittler. Also I like how it has big clumps of glitter and small clumps, it just gives it that something extra to the nails In my opinion anyway!

This is by far the best nail polish I own and definitely looking forward to try some more!

What do you think of Topshop nail polishes?